10A Solar Charge Controller 12V/24V Auto, Solar Panel Charger Controller Regulator 10 Amp with Backlight LCD Display 5V Dual USB Output Charger for Mobile Phone


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  • Solar controller: 12V/24V Auto recognition, build-in micro controller with LCD display shows PV/Batter/Load working status.
  • 10A Solar Regulator suitable for Lead acid batteries(Gel, Agm, Open), three buttons to control load terminal
  • Max Solar Panel Input: 120W(12V) , 240W(24V). Dual 5v 2.5A USB output for your mobile phone charging and three load modes( light, light+timer, manual control)
  • Fully 3-Stage PWM(Boost,equalization,floating) solar charge controller 10 amp, Charge management to protect your battery bank.
  • PWM Controller Protection: Reverse current,low hea,Build-in-short-circuit,open-circuit,reverse,over-load.

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Color Name:10A

Please always connect the battery before connect the solar panel, disconnect in reverse order!

Battery type: Lead Acid Batteries, AGM/Open/GEL battery;
Max Solar Panel Input Power: 120W (12V), 240W(24V)
Max Solar Panel Input Voltage(VOC): 23V (in 12V battery), 46V(in 24V battery)
Equalization: 14.4V
Float Voltage: 13.7V (Default,adjustable)
Battery Voltage: 12V/24V AUTO recognition
Battery Low Voltage Re-connect(LVR): 12.6V(Default,adjustable)
Charge reconnect: 13V
Lighting Control Voltage: 8V(Solar Panel)
USB output:Dual USB output 5V/2.5A(Max)

Load mode:
1.(24H)Load output 24hours(except for battery under voltage)
2.(1-23H) Load on after sunset and closed after setting hours (After dawn, the load will stop working)
3.(0H)Dusk to dawn

1.1X 10A Solar Charge Contorller
2.1X English User Manual

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