[Limited Free Extension Kit] IOBIONICS Grow Tent Kit Complete: 2’x2.5’x5’ Extendable (6ft Height), 1680D Ballistic Nylon Grow Tent, Full Spectrum Quantum Board LED Grow Light, ETL Listed 4” inline Fan (EC Motor) W/ Variable Speed Controller, 4” RC-48 Activated Carbon Filter, LED Timer, Digital Hygrometer, Heavy Duty Rope Ratchet, 4” Flex Duct & Clamps, USB Clip Fan, Fabric Planter


Total Units Sold: 220
  • ◎ Package Includes: ① (1x) IOBIONICS 2’ x 2.5’x (5⇌6)’ Extendable Grow Tent┃② (1x) Full Spectrum Quantum Board LED Grow Light┃③(1x) 4” ECM inline Fan ┃④(1x) 4” Activated Carbon Filter┃⑤(1x) Digital Thermo-Hygrometer┃⑥(1x) UV Protection Goggles ┃⑦ (1x) Gooseneck USB Clip Fan┃⑧ (1x) 4” Aluminum Duct┃⑨ (2x) 4” Metal Clamps┃⑩ (1x) Pair of Rope Ratchet┃⑪ Timer┃⑫ (2x) Fabric Planters
  • ◎ IOBIONICS Grow Tent: Premium 1680D Ballistic Nylon Grow Tent, Comes with Free 12″ Extension Kit┃Powder Coated 2.2(mm) Steel Interlocking, Sturdy Frame & Connectors┃Commercial Grade “EZ Engage” Zippers┃Diamond Pattern Reflective Mylar Interior┃Heavy Duty Flood Protection Pool┃Convenient Access Tool Pouch┃8x Double Cinching no Leak Ducting Ports┃Micro Mesh Pest Control Pre-Filter┃360 Degree “Wrap Around” Access
  • ◎ Full Spectrum Quantum Board LED Grow Light: Equivalent to 600W HPS┃High Efficiency LED Driver┃ Optimized Light Spectrum for Plant Rapid Growth┃Secondary Optical Lenses Magnifies PAR & Increase Canopy Penetration┃Extra Large Heat sinks, Passive Heat Dissipation┃IP65 Rated┃Commercial Grade
  • ◎ IOBIONCS Inline Fan: ETL Listed┃UL-Class A Compliant┃UL-94 Compliant┃IP-44 Rated┃Fire Retardant┃Continuous Variable Speed Controller┃Energy Efficient Direct Drive EC Controlled Motor Fan (V2.0 DC Motor)┃20 Watts┃190CFM┃Quiet Operation: 20-35 dB┃Powder Coating: White┃Frame is made of Lightweight Aluminum┃Optimized Shape of the Fan Blade results in 50% Increase in Air Flow
  • ◎ IOBIONICS Carbon Filter: Our Carbon Filters use Premium 1050+ RC48 Australian Virgin Charcoal, 46mm Extra Thick High Capacity Activated Carbon Bed is Machine Packed in Mesh Cylinder. Contains at least 15% more Activated Carbon than others

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Size:2′ x 2.5′ x 6′ Tent Complete Kit | Color Name:Complete Grow Tent

I/O T All-In-One Indoor Grow Tent Kit 

A Complete, Easy-To-Assemble Package for Affordable Indoor Growing.

  1. Height Extendable 1680D Ballistic Nylon Grow Tent: A Durable Tent to Keep You Growing For Years.
  2. Full-Spectrum Quantum Board LED Grow Light: A Total Energy Source for Your Plants.
  3. High-Efficiency Electronically Commutated Brushless Motor Inline Fan with Continuous Variable Speed Controller: One of The Highest Airflow Per Watt of Any Fan On The Market
  4. 1050+ RC48 Activated Carbon Filter: Nothing Escapes This Tent Except Fresh Air And Your Harvest.
  5. Mechanical Timer: for Customized Day/Night Cycling  
  6. Digital Hygrometer: for Precision Humidity & Temperature Reading 
  7. Adjustable Rope Ratchet: for Flexible Mounting
  8. Biodegradable Fabric Planter: Eco-friendly and Reusable
  9. Flexible Aluminum Duct with Tool-Free Clamps
  10. Additional USB Side Fan: to Strengthen Plants With Increased Air Circulation
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