Mingle Foam Cannon Orifice Nozzle Tips and Foam Maker, Universal 1.1 mm Thread Nozzle and Mesh Filter for Snow Foam Lance, 3000 PSI


Total Units Sold: 250
  • ★ATTENTION: Please screw in the orifice nozzle tighten enough, or it is hard to get thick foam.
  • ★Include 1 piece of foam maker (mesh filter) and 1 piece of orifice nozzle tips (foam generator nozzle). They assembly inside foam cannon for foam generation. They creates thick foam suds that stick to your car.
  • ★If foam cannon works not very well as before, maybe mesh filter wore down and foam cannon orifice tips blocked. You can replace them with new ones and it will recover.
  • ★FOAM MAKER: Size: Diameter 0.61 x Height 0.41 inch; foam creator made of stainless steel, work durably in the foam blaster; Filtration accuracy: 100. Max. Pressure: 3000 PSI.
  • ★ORIFICE NOZZLE TIPS: NPT male screw nozzles, about 0.28 inch, Orifice Size 1.1 mm. Made of brass, work durably in the foam blaster. Max. Pressure: 3000 PSI.

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